You can contact us by
phone;  (001)-403-553-0299
WhatsApp; (001)403-894-5435

Henk & Anna Roelofsen
We speak English and Dutch.

!!! It seems that people sometimes don't get our emails.

We usually reply to emails or contact forms within 24 hours.
Don't see it? Check your junk/spam folder.
Or add our email address to your address book for recieving our emails without problems.


!!! Het lijkt erop dat onze emails soms niet over komen.

Wij reageren meestal binnen 24 uur op emails of aanvragen via de contact form.
Als u onze email niet ziet, check dan uw junk/spam folder.
Of voeg ons email adres toe aan uw adres boek voor het probleemloos ontvangen van onze emails.

Apparently, the contact form didn't work. I'm sooo sorry if you did submit the contact form (I deleted it now) and never got a reply from me.
Somehow they just disappeared and I never got a notification.
(Thankfully someone used another way to contact me and told me) 
I have added my cell phone number, so you are able to contact me through text messages or WhatsApp as well.